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Introducing Fader-Aid on Sirius XM Ch. 121

"Fader-Aid" - A Sirius XM Insight Channel Show To Hydrate Your Mind We are excited to announce that our Director of Performance Coaching, SportStrata co-founder Dr. Jonathan Fader, is hosting "Fader-Aid", a weekly radio show on Sirius XM Insight channel 121. The show, which airs Wednesdays from 1-2 EST, has the name "Fade ...

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Making Good Decisions in Poker

In sport psychology, emotions can be understood as different forms of energy. Learning to regulate and channel that energy effectively is one of the five core mental skills of high performance. Mental performance is optimized within an ideal energy zone, unique to each person. Too little energy, and performance will suffer due to boredom and carelessness. Too much energy, and performance will suff ...

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Preparing Mentally to Run Your Fastest Race

Most articles and blogs about running your best race give similar advice: Make sure to get there early, dont go out too fast, carbo-load, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, taper your training, lube up your nipples and thighs, etc. And if your goal is simply to enjoy the race and the atmosphere, then that advice is really all you need. Maybe bring some extra blister pads too (and I might ...

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Mental Tips for Young Golfers

The takeaway. The backswing. The transition. The downswing. The contact. The follow through. These are the mechanics of golf that are taught the first day someone picks up a club. Notice anything missing? The list above is comprised of physical components, but the mental piece fails to be mentioned. Recently, I traveled down to Florida to work with ...

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