We believe that there are different strata, or levels, every performer is capable of achieving. Whether you’ve hit a road block or you are simply reaching for a new goal, our team of coaches is dedicated to teaching the proven skills and techniques to help you maximize your level of performance.

When you contact SportStrata, you will first have an informational conversation with one of our performance coordinators. They will find out more about your performance goals and recommend a mental performance coach that best suits your needs. Our coordinators will assist you in arranging your first appointment to sharpen your goals and develop your personalized performance program.

Initially, you will meet with your coach at SportStrata on a weekly basis to integrate the mental skills and techniques of expert athletes and performers into a routine designed to help you reach your goals. Once your initial performance goals are met, you may decide to move to more infrequent meetings. We conduct our coaching sessions in person at our office, over video chat, and occasionally, depending on the individual and performance setting, on site. You can reach our performance coordinators at Team@sportstrata.com with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Typically, we work with our clients on improving one or more of the mental characteristics of elite performers:

We do this by teaching mental skills:

Every athlete and performer is different and we strive to develop the most efficient and customized coaching program for each individual.