Athletes in all sports have lost the opportunity to train, compete, and perform as they normally would. This leaves a huge void and a sense of uneasiness, not only in the lives of these athletes, but in the lives of coaches & their staff, who are principally tasked with organizing their teams and leading the way through this uncharted territory.

To help coaches navigate this new terrain, SportStrata developed the Connected Coaching workshop series. These online, interactive trainings were designed to help coaches of all levels take the necessary steps to strengthen relationships with their athletes and to discover new strategies to help players thrive even while traditional practice options are unavailable.

Building on the original Connected Coaching training, and meeting the demand for skills-based training on coaching communication, we are introducing the Advanced Connected Coaching workshop. The virtual, interactive training focuses on Motivational Interviewing (MI), a communication style proven to help boost motivation & empathy and fortify team culture, all hallmarks of winning programs. Through the use of online presentations and exercises, coaches will learn the technique, theory, style, and spirit of MI, and how to adapt it to their specific athletes and team environments.

Though it can benefit coaches across the board, the advanced training is specially engineered for competitive coaches with the drive to build more cohesive & mentally tougher teams. The greater the expectations and the level of competition, the greater the need for a culture built on trust, communication, and unconditional support. Helping you lay the groundwork for building this culture is a primary goal of this training and one of our overall goals as an organization.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the advanced training or the Connected Coaching series in general, please contact us HERE.