Meaning Thru Movement tour with Liv Massey

The Meaning Thru Movement tour was launched in May 2020 by Alison Désir, a globally recognized fitness advocate, mental health professional, and community activist. Each event is designed to advance the conversation about mental health and well being into the running and fitness space. SportStrata’s Liv Massey was asked to lead a conversation on the value of … Continued

Running the COVID-19 Marathon

Even as many states begin to transition out of quarantine, there is still a “new normal” we are faced with, as life may never go back to exactly as it was before. At least not yet, anyway. The entirety of COVID-19 up until this point has felt like a marathon, and for those of us … Continued

Leadership Under Fire podcast with Ben Oliva

On the Leadership under Fire podcast, Ben Oliva shares his journey in becoming a performance coach, some of the scientifically-proven mental skills he employs with athletes, firefighters, and executives, and his love for both Wedding Crashers & Good Will Hunting. The original podcast recording can be found here.  

Ben Oliva ft. on Against The Rules with Michael Lewis

Performance coach Ben Oliva underscores how mental skills coaches only need one coaching toolkit to work with everyone from New York City firefighters, youth softball players, professional musicians, and even writers with a podcast. The original recording of this episode – The Coach In Your Head – can be found here.  

Understanding the Performance Mindset Assessment Program

The PMA is a comprehensive assessment designed by our team at SportStrata to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and unique characteristics of your mental approach to performance.  Mindset assessment and coaching have long been a part of elite military and professional sports organizations. The PMA program at SportStrata brings this precise method of mindset improvement to … Continued

The Fundamentals of Mental Performance

Always be Learning Regardless of where you are in the journey towards performance excellence, you must approach every day with an emphasis on the process of learning and improvement, instead of outcomes and results. This is the foundation of consistently performing at your best. Mastery is a moving target and you must actively maintain your … Continued

Making Good Decisions in Poker

In sport psychology, emotions can be understood as different forms of energy. Learning to regulate and channel that energy effectively is one of the five core mental skills of high performance. Mental performance is optimized within an ideal energy zone, unique to each person. Too little energy, and performance will suffer due to boredom and … Continued

Preparing Mentally to Run Your Fastest Race

Most articles and blogs about running your best race give similar advice: Make sure to get there early, dont go out too fast, carbo-load, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, taper your training, lube up your nipples and thighs, etc. And if your goal is simply to enjoy the race and the atmosphere, then … Continued

Mental Tips for Young Golfers

The takeaway. The backswing. The transition. The downswing. The contact. The follow through. These are the mechanics of golf that are taught the first day someone picks up a club. Notice anything missing? The list above is comprised of physical components, but the mental piece fails to be mentioned. Recently, I traveled down to Florida … Continued