Experiencing Flow in Everyday Life

Have you ever been so immersed in a task or a moment on the field that it felt like everything else just faded away around you? You were most likely experiencing what is called flow, otherwise known as complete engagement in a task that leads to a heightened state of awareness and consciousness. When we … Continued

Motivation vs. Commitment

Motivation is often considered one of the foundations to achieving our goals in sport and life. However, whether it be the COVID-19 pandemic or the stressors of daily life, performers in every arena struggle with how to stay motivated during long periods of training or difficult times. But what if we told you that rather … Continued

The Mental Gym

“Just like you can train your calves, your thighs, or your quads by doing squats, you can do squats for your mindset and you can do curls for your mental gym.” When you think about your ultimate performance goals, whether it is playing a sport at the highest level, picking up a new hobby, developing … Continued

Winning the “What If” Battle

For most of us, our minds tend to drift to the battle of the “What If’s,” especially during the uncertain times of COVID-19. What if I lose my job? What if my kids aren’t back in school in September? What if I don’t make enough money for my family? We ride out the thought train … Continued

The Fundamentals of Mental Performance

Always be Learning Regardless of where you are in the journey towards performance excellence, you must approach every day with an emphasis on the process of learning and improvement, instead of outcomes and results. This is the foundation of consistently performing at your best. Mastery is a moving target and you must actively maintain your … Continued