The Connected Coaching Workshop

With the arrival of the coronavirus, many athletes, performing artists, and others have lost the opportunity to compete and perform. This leaves a huge void, not only in the lives of these athletes and performers, but also in the lives of the spectators and fans who are missing seeing their favorite stars and amateurs on the court, field, stage, and screen. At SportStrata, we are always finding creative ways to work with performers and coaches of all disciplines to be their very best.

During this time our team is offering an online training for coaches of all levels to help them identify opportunities to strengthen their relationships with their athletes and discover new strategies to help players thrive even while traditional practice opportunities are unavailable. 

Connected Coaching is an interactive workshop designed to help coaches continue to do their job at an elite level in this unprecedented time of social distancing. Coaches will learn to boost their team’s connectivity using specific communication strategies proven to increase motivation and empathy, two hallmarks of winning coaches and teams. In addition, the workshop includes experiential training in the mental skills of mindfulness and imagery, including coaching tips for teaching these skills at a distance.

Our team will be offering this free workshop throughout the summer, and we are also available to offer this workshop to your team upon request. If you have any questions or would like more information, click HERE to contact us.