Jason Brezler, MS, is a firefighter with the FDNY’s Special Operations Command and currently serves with Rescue Company 2 in Brooklyn. He is one of the initiators of the FDNY Mental Performance Initiative (MPI) which strives to enhance mental performance in firefighters and EMS providers. Jason is a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and led Marines in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he participated in conventional combat operations, counterinsurgency operations and served as an advisor to indigenous forces.

He is a graduate of the USMC’s Expeditionary Warfare School and Command and Staff College. Jason is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis where he played Division 1 baseball for the Midshipman. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Maryland and a Master’s of Science from Oklahoma State University. He is the founder and Commanding Officer of Leadership Under Fire and founder of the Paddy Brown Program which helps military veterans transition into the fire service.