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My CrossFit Mantra

By Ellin Gurvitch, SportStrata Intern

“This is when it matters, this is the moment I train for” is my mantra when things get tough. In and out of the gym, it’s easy to push through when things are manageable and maintainable. It’s easy to do the right thing when a task is simple and controllable. But when things get tough, when things get really hard, and you’re tired and fatigued, what do you tell yourself? This is when it matters. This is the moment you train for.

CrossFit has impacted my mentality and perception of my capabilities in and out of the gym. CrossFit’s exhilarating yet challenging WOD (workout of the day) puts me face-to-face with uncertainty and adversity. In the process of being tested mentally and physically, I have discovered my mental fortitude and the strength of my mind-body connection. I am tested to make the choice: When things get tough, will I quit or will I keep fighting and put forth the effort? Ironically (or maybe not), every WOD reveals the strength of my mind and not necessarily my body. I have seen and learned from the power of intention and effort. CrossFit continually teaches me that I can execute whatever I put my mind to whether it is in the gym, in graduate school, and in my relationships with others and myself.

We learn from Dr. Fader’s book, Life As Sport, that the beauty of mantras is that they do not have to be permanent. You can add and change them regularly to make sure they suit your current situation. A good mantra will not only be unique to you but will feel authentic in that moment in time. The truth behind the meaning of your mantra will create a positive and motivating inner monologue, which will in turn impact your self-confidence, self-belief, and overall performance.

There are going to be days when you are too sore to train. There are going to be days when you want to quit. These are the days that shape and push us from good to great. It is important to learn to see these challenges as opportunities for overall growth and self-improvement. Every rep, every drop of sweat, every movement you tell yourself your mantra, “This is when it matters, this is the moment I train for,” is an investment in yourself as you strive to become your best!