Corporate Wellness
All businesses are looking for a way to improve each employee’s ability to be their best and to function at the highest level possible. Organizations also look for ways to recruit and develop talent. In these two pursuits, one area that is frequently overlooked is mental strength and flexibility.

The SportStrata team is dedicated to providing customized mental wellness and mental conditioning programs for optimizing employee performance, retention, and satisfaction.

We offer a suite of services that include individual and group mental conditioning sessions, as well as wellness groups covering the training of mental skills. In addition, we offer leadership coaching and talent assessment for team members and leaders.

Performance Coaching
Our team is devoted to taking transferrable skills from sport and performance psychology to all areas of business and professional development, as well as athletic performance. To that end, we coach high performance in sports, trading, sales, business development, human resources, entrepreneurship, and other areas of business and finance.

Our aim is to sharpen individual and team routines and build resilient mindsets to aid companies and individuals in achieving their short and long-term goals.

Connected Coaching
With the arrival of the coronavirus, many athletes, performing artists, and others have lost the opportunity to compete and perform. This leaves a huge void, not only in the lives of these athletes and performers, but also in the lives of the spectators and fans who are missing seeing their favorite stars and amateurs on the court, field, stage, and screen. At SportStrata, we are always finding creative ways to work with performers and coaches of all disciplines to be their very best.

During this time our team is offering an online training for coaches of all levels to help them identify opportunities to strengthen their relationships with their athletes and discover new strategies to help players thrive even while traditional practice opportunities are unavailable.

Connected Coaching is an interactive webinar designed to help coaches continue to do their job at an elite level in this unprecedented time of social distancing. Coaches will learn to boost their team’s connectivity using specific communication strategies proven to increase motivation and empathy, two hallmarks of winning coaches and teams. In addition, the webinar will include experiential training in the mental skills of mindfulness and imagery, including coaching tips for teaching these skills at a distance.

Advanced Connected Coaching
Building on the original Connected Coaching training, and meeting the demand for skills-based training on coaching communication, we are introducing the Advanced Connected Coaching workshop. The half-day virtual training focuses on Motivational Interviewing (MI), a communication style proven to help boost motivation & empathy and fortify team culture, all hallmarks of winning programs. Through the use of virtual presentations and interactive exercises, coaches will learn the technique, theory, style, and spirit of MI, and how to adapt it to their specific athletes and team environments.

Though it can benefit coaches across the board, the advanced training is specially engineered for coaches on the NCAA and professional levels. The greater the expectations and the level of competition, the greater the need for a team culture built on trust, communication, and unconditional support. Helping you lay the groundwork for building this culture is a primary goal of this training and one of our overall goals as an organization.

Keynotes & Workshops
Our team has found that companies and organizations are working to improve communication, build resilience, reduce stress, build trust and motivation. We regularly speak to professionals in business and other settings on these topics. Taking all the insights and techniques our team has collected in our work with athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, and more, we help individuals and organizations across business and other sectors to both perform at their best and enjoy their work more. We deliver keynotes and other talks that inspire individuals and teams to improve their performance and overall enjoyment in their work.

Below are a two examples of the types of keynote talks we deliver:

The Rituals of Success
Success comes out of habits. It is birthed out of finely tuned behaviors cultivated over time. The most successful people create a masterpiece of a routine in their lives. A series of small but meaningful activities and habits that lead to massive gains over time. Our team has both taught these routines and learned lessons from those we have taught. We are able to walk in the shoes of very talented people in communities that are usually closed to outsiders. In this talk, we show how these skills translate into everyday life so that you and your team can also build your own masterpiece in what you do day to day.

Beyond You: The Power of a Great Team
No matter the industry, location or culture we work in, most us function as part of a team. Sports teams know this well and invest time and capital in carefully selecting personnel and developing their chemistry for the world’s biggest competitions. Our team has decades of experience and works with the most elite teams in sports and now in business. We have translated all our collaborations in team building in sports and performing arts to business and other organizations. In his highly interactive talk, we share practical insights: