Jared McShall, PhD

Jared McShall, PhD

Mental Performance Coach

Jared McShall is a licensed clinical psychologist. Working within a cognitive-behavioral framework, Jared believes cultivating a strong client-coach relationship is paramount to helping clients reach their goals. Jared also has extensive training in Motivational Interviewing and its application for augmenting empirically-supported interventions.

Jared grew up in Harlem, where he began studying martial arts at age 10. After graduating from Wesleyan University, he began training with karate world champions Eugene Frazier and Jadi Tention in the Bronx. Jared went on to compete in several national martial arts tournaments while helping to develop junior martial artists. 

Prior to SportStrata, Jared was a full time psychologist with Montefiore Medical Center’s Supporting Healthy Relationships Program, where he led psychoeducational workshops with under-served couples. He taught empirically-supported techniques to improve communication between partners, reduce conflict, manage stress, and improve parenting.

Outside of work, Jared enjoys playing basketball, collecting movies, and “circling the wagon” for the Buffalo Bills!