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Understanding the Performance Mindset Assessment Program

The PMA is a comprehensive assessment designed by our team at SportStrata to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and unique characteristics of your mental approach to performance.  Mindset assessment and coaching have long been a part of elite military and professional sports organizations. The PMA program at SportStrata brings this precise method of mindset improvement to anyone seeking to push themselves to that next level of performance.

Our clients are high-achievers from a variety of arenas, all of whom routinely perform under stressful conditions. These demanding environments require that our clients perform at or near the best of their ability regardless of the situation- a skill that is dependent on a certain set of mindset fundamentals. They seek out the PMA program to improve their performance and attain higher levels of achievement.

We find that the biggest hindrance to mindset improvement is self-awareness, and this is particularly true for those already approaching the top of their field. A thorough self-awareness of the strengths you possess to support your goals and the challenges that remain to be addressed is critical. Yet many high performers have only a rudimentary understanding of these strengths and challenges. In order to successfully leap from good to great, they require a more detailed analysis of where they are mentally and what small yet crucial adjustments to mindset are needed.

Our PMA evaluations range from a basic screening of character traits to a comprehensive assessment of cognitive skills, intellect, and personality. We use objective, scientifically validated measures to explore factors that research has shown contribute to success in a high-performance environment. Our clients receive an integrated, succinct summary with individualized feedback.

Moreover, our team will generate a coaching plan that translates the assessment results into actionable steps for improvement.  Clients have the option to leverage their assessment results through one-on-one coaching sessions that provide confidential opportunities to address the challenges interfering with peak performance.

Our team has seen first-hand how a smart assessment of the individual and tailored coaching plans help companies to maximize human potential. Let us help you reach your performance goals today!